Add energy rating

  1. Select the building for which you want to add the information. See Access your real-estate objects for more details.

  2. Select the tab Sustainability and ESG reporting.

  3. Select the tab Energy ratings.

  4. Click Icons_AddAdd Manual data entry or Automatic PDF Extraction.

  5. In case of Manual data entry:

    • Select the Certificate type and Reporting type. Country and the Related real-estate object are filled in automatically. Click Next to continue.

    • Enter all the information. See Energy rating information for more details

    • Note

      The benchmarking using Final Energy Demand (FED) value is not officially mentioned in the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

    • Click on Browse to search and upload the PDF document of your energy rating from your file system or directly drag and drop the file.

    • Click Add to save. The energy rating card appears under the Energy ratings tab.

  6. In case of Automatic PDF Extraction (currently available for German and Italian only):

    • Upload the PDF document of the energy rating.

    • The information in the document is then extracted automatically into the relevant data fields.