Welcome to the upgraded BuildingMinds Platform!
We've made things simpler for you.

Let's break down how to use the new homepage:


1. Homepage overview:

  • Look for an overview widget that shows all your buildings and key details like size, tenants, and type (owned or rented).

  • Use filters to narrow down information based on property categories (like industrial, residential, office, hotel, etc.).

  • Explore the ESG and reporting widget for direct access to Asset management and Sustainability dashboards.

2. The digital twin menu:

Digital Twin logo
  • Find it on the left-hand menu, right below our BuildingMinds logo.

  • This is your hub for all things real estate and building info.

3. Setting things up:

Settings Option Proxima
  • Locate the settings menu at the bottom left.

  • Access the Support Portal and change your language preferences hassle-free amongst other options like viewing your existing tickets, etc.

4. Smart search with the portfolio option:

PortfolioProxima Portfolio
  • Spot it at the top left corner.

  • Easily search for a particular building.

  • Click on details to jump straight into the digital twin.

  • Use the collapse button next to the filter tab to exit this screen.

  • Sorting via column headers.

5. Filter for precision:

Proxima Filter
  • Use the filter option for a more targeted search.

  • Refine results based on building type, ownership, and Gross Floor Area.