Welcome to the upgraded BuildingMinds Platform! We've made things simpler for you.

Let's break down how to use the new homepage:


1. Digital Twin Menu:

  • Located in the left-hand menu, just below our BuildingMinds logo.

  • Your central hub for real estate and building information.

2. Smart Search with Portfolio Option:

  • Easily locate a specific building.

  • Click on details to instantly access the respective digital twin of a building.

  • Utilize the collapse button next to the filter tab to exit this screen.

  • Sort results using column headers.

3. Precision Filtering:

  • Utilize the filter option for a more targeted search.

  • Refine results based on building type, ownership, and Gross Floor Area.

4. ESG Widgets:

  • Explore the ESG and reporting widget for direct access to Asset Management and Sustainability dashboards.

  • BuildingMinds Impact showcases total carbon emissions monitored by BuildingMinds.

5. Settings:

  • Access the Support Portal and easily adjust language preferences, view existing support tickets, and more.

6. BuildingMinds Chatbot: (Restricted to Beta Users)

  • Search using keywords and phrases to get customized answers and access how-to guides.

7. Filter by Building Type:

  • Filter buildings list by office, residential, industrial, retail, healthcare, education, etc.

  • The current portfolio widget on the right displays information specifically related to the selected sector.

Stay tuned for more..