Single building utility monitoring report

Single Building Utility Monitoring Report : This page enables users to navigate to the building level and explore detailed energy consumption data for a specific asset.

  1. Overview:

    • Refer to the Overview section for a concise summary of key metrics.

  2. Daily Consumption:

  3. Average Weekday Consumption:

  4. Average 15-Minute Interval Consumption:

    • The average 15-minute consumption represents the energy consumed on average every 15 minutes throughout the day for the selected building and time period.

    • Key Insights:

      • Understand peak and off-peak energy consumption periods.

      • Combined with occupancy data, this view aids in identifying consumption patterns and optimization potential.

        Calendar view for selected time period

  5. Calendar View for Selected Time Period:

    • The 15-minute interval consumption illustrates energy usage every 15 minutes across each day of the selected month for the specified building.

    • Key Insights:

      • Identify peak load periods during the selected month and quantify their intensity.

      • This view enables the detection of inefficiencies or wastage in energy usage, providing valuable information for optimizing consumption and implementing energy-saving measures for residential and commercial properties.

      • Monitoring energy consumption in 15-minute intervals aids in the early identification of potential issues or anomalies.


Chart available for: Electricity, Gas and Water.