Sustainability calculations

KPIs visualized in theBuildingMinds Platformdashboards are based on the calculations described in this section. Further information can be found in Sustainability Insights.

Resources and emissions

Resources and emissions visuals provide a holistic overview on resource consumption and operational emissions in CO2e of a building. The calculations take place based on the following information: operational measurements, emission factor, area measurement, and building data. Once input data have been on-boarded, BuildingMinds Platform runs calculations accordingly. Resources and emissions calculations are based on historical data.

Below data flow chart describes how resource and emissions are run on BuildingMinds Platform.


Risk and cost prediction

Risk and and cost prediction calculations enables you to evaluate the asset stranding risk of a building. Risk and costs prediction calculations are run in BuildingMinds Platform and are based on future projection data. The considered factors for calculations are the following ones: projected operational measurements, Ghg emissions and sustainability targets. Observed operational measurements are computed into projected operational measurements and Ghg emissions and reported in the SQL database.

Retrofit simulation

Retrofit simulation calculations enable you to improve the energy demand within your portfolio in relation to your energy targets. Retrofit simulation calculations are future oriented and based on a target pathway. They run based on the projected operational management and Ghg projected retrofitted. Computation of Ghg is based on two aspects: country and emission factors. Operational measurements retrofitted are then computed with sustainability indicators based on the following factors: country, building type, sustainability targets, building area measurement.