What is role-based access control?

RBAC, or role-based access control, bundles permissions under roles assigned to users or groups, simplifying control compared to assigning permissions individually. These roles don't have to strictly reflect job titles; they can align with authority, responsibilities, or business units, consolidating permissions.

What are permissions?

Permissions are privileges on resources. In the BuildingMinds Platform resources are sites and dashboards. Privileges are Read-only, Create, Edit, and Delete and are combined into privilege sets. You can only use the predefined privilege sets on sites or dashboards, resulting in permissions like Add, Edit, and Delete for a site. For more information, see Privileges.


Assign a person responsible for building operations with Read/Edit permissions at the building level in the Digital twin section. Additionally, grant access to the Lease contract dashboard with Read-only permissions for monitoring lease contract KPIs. Combine these permissions into one role in RBAC and assign it to the user.