Duplicate API key

The expiration date of API keys cannot be changed or prolonged once you initially create a key due to security reasons. To get a new API key with the same linked APIs, you can duplicate an API key. Duplicating an API key means that a new unique client ID and client secret of the API key are created, but the linked APIs remain.

When you need to create an additional API key with added or removed API links, you also can use the Duplicate API key option. In this case, you duplicate the new API key based on an existing key and edit the linked APIs afterward.

  1. Open the Administration center. For more information, see Open administration center.

  2. Select the tab Data connection.

  3. Select the tab API keys. A list with existing API keys opens.

  4. To duplicate the API key, click copy.

  5. Edit the name and the expiration date for the key and confirm with Create.

    You can set the expiration date to a maximum of two years. As a minimum period for the expiration date, you can select one day. An overview of the created API key opens.


    Make sure to copy the Client secret and save it in a secure place. After closing the overview, you cannot view or copy the Client secret again.

  6. Close the overview by selecting Copy secret and view key. The newly created API key opens.

  7. Link APIs to your API key under the tab Linked APIs to access the selected APIs. If you do not link APIs to the key, you cannot access them when using the key for authentication. For more information, see Link APIs to your API key.