Add building

You can add buildings only to a site. To add a site, see Add site.


A custom structure can only be set up by your BuildingMinds Platform administrator. For more information, see Custom structure.

  1. Open the site. To open a site, see Access your real-estate objects.

  2. Go to section Overview.

    View the list of related buildings when selecting Building tab.

  3. Click the Icons_AddBuilding button.

  4. Enter the building information. For more information, see Building information.

  5. Enter the address.

  6. Save the changes.

After adding the building to the platform, you can add and update information about the building or add floors and spaces.


After a building is created, the administrator needs to add the newly created building to a role that is assigned to the user with the required permissions. This will allow you to view and update the building details.