Data Management - Operational Measurement Approval (Beta)

The Data Management Beta Version enhances our existing system by integrating a new layer of verification for operation measurement data. This system is accessible through the 'Sustainability Data Management' section under the 'Data Management Beta' tab.

Purpose of the Service

The service provides an additional verification layer for data entries, particularly after they are flagged as implausible. If data entered is considered outside plausible ranges, it triggers a secondary verification process, requiring approval from an authorized user.

This feature ensures that only accurate and reliable data is utilized for sustainability calculations, reporting, and informed business decision-making. It fosters a collaborative environment where users propose entries, and designated approvers have the authority to activate or deactivate these entries, directly influencing the subsequent calculations and reports.

The primary objective of Data Management Beta Version is to maintain the integrity and correctness of data within our systems. By ensuring the data's accuracy, we aim to produce precise sustainability calculations and reliable reporting. This, in turn, supports sound business decisions and maintains compliance with sustainability standards.

How to use

Accessing the Feature

To access the Operational Measurements management, navigate to your desired building in our system. Then, proceed to 'Sustainability tab' and select 'Data Management (Beta)'.

Understanding the Interface

The Data Management (Beta) interface provides a comprehensive overview of your operational measurements. Key components of the interface include:

  1. Approval Status: This indicates whether a record has been reviewed. The status can be 'Approved', 'Rejected', or 'Pending Review'. Newly created measurements automatically have a 'Pending Review' status. For instance, see row 2 for an example.

  2. Value: This displays the numerical value and unit of the operational measurement. Clicking on this value opens an editing window, where you can view comprehensive details and make necessary changes to the measurement.

  3. Plausibility: This column reveals whether the measurement has undergone plausibility checks and shows the outcome. New measurements are initially marked as 'Not checked'. It's important to note that plausibility checks are only applicable to Energy consumption data. For other types of data, the status will be shown as 'n/a' (not applicable).

  4. State: This shows whether the operational measurement is currently included in report calculations ('Active') or excluded ('Not Active'). Note that only measurements with an 'Approved' status are marked as 'Active' and used in reports.

  5. Approve Button: Users who have the necessary permissions can use this button to approve one or more selected measurements.

  6. Reject Button: This allows authorized users to reject multiple selected measurements. However, only measurements that are 'Not Active' can be rejected.

  7. Delete Button: Users with special permissions can delete one or more selected measurements using this button.

  8. Add Button: This button is for users with the required permissions to create new Operational Measurements.

  9. Run Plausibility Checks: This function performs plausibility calculations for all operational measurements related to Energy in the building. The outcomes of these calculations are updated in the Plausibility column.

  10. Row Selection for Actions: Note that certain buttons become visible only when at least one row of data is selected using a checkbox.

  11. Sorting Measurements: You can sort the measurements based on different criteria. After selecting your preferred sorting method, click on the funnel icon to apply it. Please remember that your sorting preferences will not be saved when you refresh the page.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 14.01.02

Adding New Measurements

To add new operational measurements click on the “+ Add” button. Note that the button is enabled only if the user has required permissions for Data Management. Note that all fields marked with * are required and need to be filled in.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 14.24.14 copy
  1. Start by selecting the Operational Measurement type (Energy, Water, Waster, or Fugitive). When the Type is selected, other fields become enabled all will only contain values relevant to the selected Type

  2. Choose Valid from and Valid until for the months that you want to enter the measurement. Note that Valid from will be the first day of the month, and Valid until – the last day of the month. If you want to enter measurement for the month of March 2024, both fields should be 03-2024.

  3. Optionally you can give a name for this measurement to make it easier to identify and find it

After filling in all the details click on “Add” button, and the operational measurement will be added to the list. Please note that the new row might appear in different places in the list based on the order