GRESB reporting

GRESB reporting is crucial for addressing climate change risks in real asset investments. The BuildingMinds Platform helps users collect, validate, and submit GRESB reporting data to enhance their ESG performance.

Relevant data stored in the BuildingMinds Platform adheres to the GRESB data structure. The platform validates the data and identifies errors during validation, allowing users to rectify missing information or implausible values. If there are no data errors, the data can be submitted via API to the GRESB Portal.

The BuildingMinds Platform assists with:

1. Update and Validation: It verifies data compliance with GRESB syntax and allows for data updates.

2. Submission: Data can be submitted to the GRESB Portal via API once it meets GRESB standards.


If you would like to add GRESB reporting to your BuildingMinds account, please contact the customer support team via [email protected]