Create a password (without Single-Sign-On)


You only need to create a password if your company does not use single sign-on (SSO) as an access method for the BuildingMinds platform.

Once your organization's
BuildingMinds administrator created your user, you will receive a sign-up invitation via email.

  1. Click on Sign up here in the email. The Sign-up/Login page opens.

  2. Enter a valid email address and click Continue. You receive a verification code via email. Check also your spam or other folders of your inbox.

  3. Go back to the Login page. Your email address is auto-filled.

  4. Enter the verification code that you received via email and click Submit code. If the code is expired, click on Resend code. The sign-up form opens.

  5. Fill out the form. All fields are mandatory.

  6. Enter a valid password. The password requirements are specified on the screen.

  7. Re-enter your password. It must match with the first-entered password.

  8. Enter your first and last name.

  9. Accept the BuildingMindspolicies and click Continue. You are redirected to the login page.

  10. Log in using your registered email and password.


    If you enter an invalid email and password combination five times, your user is blocked for a few minutes.