There are two different types of users on the platform.

  • Users authenticating against your organization's Active Directory.

  • Users authenticating against the Azure Active Directory of the BuildingMinds Platform.

Users are added to the BuildingMinds Platform with their email address. They receive an email with a link to add additional information like their full name and a password to their user. Alternatively, when your organization uses Active Directory, users are directed to your organization's login screen.

In the Users menu, you can do the following:

  • You can review all platform users by status: Created signifies the user has been added and received an onboarding email but hasn't finished the initial login, while "Active" indicates completion of the initial login.

  • Add users to the platform (Add user)

  • Assign roles to users (Assign roles to users)

  • Remove roles from users (Remove users from roles)

  • Delete users from the platform (Delete user)