Edit API key

  1. Open the Administration center. For more information, see Open administration center.

  2. Select the tab Data connection.

  3. Select the tab API keys. A list with existing API keys opens.

  4. Click on the Name of the API key you want to change. The API key information opens.

  5. Click on More_options and select Edit to change the API key name.


    If you cannot select Edit, the API key is already expired. You can only edit keys that are still active.

  6. Link APIs to your API key under the tab Linked APIs to access the selected APIs. If you do not link APIs to the key, you cannot access them when using the key for authentication. For more information, see Link APIs to your API key.

  7. Confirm your changes by clicking on Save. To go back to the API key list after saving the changes, click on Back to list.