What's new?

Q1 2024

New features

  • Auto-generated estimations for area measurements
    Estimate missing values for five key measurement types (Gross floor area, Gross internal area, Net room area, Rentable area, and Energy reference area). This helps unlocking additional sustainability and lease management KPIs.

  • Scenario Modeler is now Retrofit Recommender
    And offers enhanced improved accuracy in estimations, a new configuration panel for additional customization, expanded ML model input options, support for additional retrofit measures and a graph to illustrate the financial impact.

  • CRREM Version version 2
    The changes of Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor's recently published version 2 can now be applied to
    stranding risk and pricing simulations. Particularly with consideration of the 10% decrease in global carbon budget, 2020 as the new base year as well as updates to emission factors.


  • Additional ESG certificate types
    HQE certificates can now be added to French portfolios and Hafen City certificates to German portfolios.

Q4 2023

New features

  • EU taxonomy reporting

  • Rental unit data management reporting
    From now on, it's possible to add different rental units within the same site, building, floor or space*.
    All rental unit data is synchronized with our reporting database and can be used for reports.

  • Space utilization report
    Check out detailed analytics for the utilization of desks and meeting rooms in the building, floor or space. 

*Permissions are the same as the building or site level.


  • Export function added to additional dashboards: 

    • Portfolio overview

    • Resources and emissions

    • Risk and cost prediction

    • Retrofit simulation

  • Area measurement: data is automatically synced to other services within the platform to ensure accurate calculations.

  • Retrofit module: increased number of characters for Further information field.  

  • Custom structure: user is able to maintain ownership share for a building node to its parent node. 

  • Energy consumption: implemented authorization of reports for the dashboards. 

  • Risk and cost prediction: included filter for Future acquisitions.

Q3 2023

New features

  • SFDR Reporting
    The BuildingMinds platform PAI (Principle Adverse Impacts) coverage includes exposure to energy-efficient assets, GHG emissions as well as Energy intensity.

  • Operational carbon footprint
    Compare different versions of Emission factor and Sustainability targets.

  • Weather normalization
    Compare the energy performance of buildings over time more equitably by isolating the effects of weather on energy consumption. 


  • Support of additional certificate types 

    • BREEAM

    • DGNB

    • LEED

    • Minergie

  • Master Data rewrite
    Service completely restructured for better performance. 

  • EPC class  
    It's possible to manually define an EPC class for every EPC, regardless of the country specifications. 

  • GRESB reporting
    Export functionality for all GRESB tables. 

  • Optimized performance of Workspace management service.

Q2 2023

New features

  • Automatic data extraction from energy ratings
    Automatically extract the energy rating information when uploading them to the BuildingMinds Platform for German and Italian energy ratings.

  • New integration templates
    We added new integrations to easily get your data into the BuildingMinds Platform.

    • BASCloud

    • Immopac

    • Measurable

    • Metry


  • Support of energy ratings for additional countries
    We introduced energy ratings for Italy, France and a generic EPC (energy performance certificate) for the EU additionally to the existing German one.

Q1 2023

New features

  • Area measurements
    Maintain area measurement data in the Digital twin of the BuildingMinds Platform. Select a real-estate object to link it to an area measurement. Add, edit and delete entries if you have permission to add, edit, or delete the building's digital twin data.
    For more information, see 
    Area measurements.

  • German language support of the Support Portal
    View our BuildingMinds Platform user information in the Support Portal in German. Switch the language under the user menu of the Support Portal.
    For more information, see
    Support Portal

  • Certificates overview
    Get an overview of green building certificates uploaded to the BuildingMinds Platform. Identify where data is missing and when certificates are about to expire in your portfolio.

  • Energy rating overview
    Get an overview of energy ratings uploaded to the BuildingMinds Platform. Identify where data is missing and when certificates are about to expire in your portfolio.


  • Improved BuildingMinds Platform navigation
    Navigate the Platform by Sustainability and Asset management and have all information related to the topics under one tab.
    For more information, see 
    Platform overview.

  • Improved adding and uploading for energy ratings
    We improved the user experience for adding and uploading energy ratings to the BuildingMinds Platform.

  • Support of energy ratings for the UK​
    Add and upload energy ratings to the ​BuildingMinds Platform​​ for the UK in addition to the already supported energy ratings for Germany and a general European one.

  • Tags for neighborhoods
    Use tags to add further information to the neighborhood in the Workspace Management feature.

  • Multiple administrators for surveys in the Data Survey app
    Add multiple administrators for different topics in one single survey.

Q4 2022

New features

  • Workspace management 3D and list view
    Document and manage your workspace data (e.g., desks, meeting rooms) in the 3D view when a 3D BIM model is available for your buildings, or use the list view to manage office space in your buildings and develop agile space strategies for optimized usage, better working conditions, energy savings, and cost efficiency.
    For more information, see 
    Workspace management.

  • Deskbird partnership for room and desk booking solution
    We partnered with Deskbird to provide an end-to-end solution for workspace management and room and desk booking.

  • Portfolio summary dashboard
    Get a 360° view of your real-estate performance with the new Portfolio summary dashboard. Get an overview of the portfolio structure and content and see concise insights for each critical aspect of corporate real-estate management: space, cost, lease, and energy performance.

  • New Global Viewer default role
    By default, we are providing a Global viewer role. When users of the BuildingMinds Platform are assigned to this role, they can view all sites and buildings of your organization's portfolio.
    For more information, see 
    Default roles.


  • Support of CRREM pathways for mixed-used buildings
    Benchmark mixed-use assets against weighted CRREM pathways in all available countries.

  • Support of CRREM pathways beyond the EU for selected countries
    We now support CRREM pathways for selected countries beyond the EU. For more information, contact us at 
    [email protected].

Q3 2022

New features

  • Add, edit, and delete energy consumption data
    Add, edit, and delete current and historical energy consumption data entries on the BuildingMinds Platform to keep the data foundation up to date for your ESG reporting. 

  • Simulate the effect of retrofits on your portfolio
    View the effect of all combined retrofits for a selected entity, like all assets combined, funds as part of your custom structure, or individual sites and buildings. Simulate the carbon emission savings for a specified period and compare the investment per retrofit with the predicted carbon emission savings to select the most effective measures.

  • Sustainability passport
    Get a one-page report on the Sustainability performance of an individual building, including building characteristics, energy consumption, carbon emissions, carbon risks, and comparison to the fund average. Export the report as an Excel spreadsheet or pdf file from the BuildingMinds Platform.

  • Workspace management
    Define different work area types for your company in the administration center. Draw work areas for your team into your 3D BIM model or add them to a work area list for each floor. Add individual workspaces to work areas and make them available for booking for efficient workspace management.

  • Internal lease benchmarking report
    Compare leases according to company-relevant KPIs and identify outliers in your portfolio. Refine the lease comparison by using different filters such as countries, business units, branches, etc., and building usage types. Identify irregularities by comparing current performance to historical performance. You can also quantify progress towards specific goals and measure year-on-year lease trends and behavior changes where you can take action to optimize the lease management process.

  • Share your surveys with guest users
    Share data surveys with guest contributors not registered on the BuildingMinds Data Survey Platform Add-on to collect resource consumption data from your partners and subcontractors who only occasionally provide data input.


  • Updated standard cost monitoring dashboard
    View the improved cost monitoring dashboard for Corporate Real Estate Management under Insights. We added new graphs and KPIs for better insights into building costs.

  • Improved performance for 3D BIM models
    We improved the performance of 3D BIM models so that they are initially loaded quicker, and you can navigate faster between floors and spaces.

Q2 2022

New features

  • GRESB reporting
    Gather data available on the BuildingMinds Platform and validate your GRESB reporting data against the GRESB syntax before submitting the data directly via the API to the GRESB portal.

  • Define your custom structure
    Create your custom structure in the administration center to view your buildings in your custom view. Assign your building to custom structure elements and use the custom view to filter the dashboard data for selected custom structure elements.

  • Connect to the Qivalo portal via API
    Connect the Qivalo portal with the BuildingMinds Platform using the API template to get data from your Qivalo meters and sensors capturing energy consumption data of your real estate.

  • Connect to the Urjanet portal via SFTP
    Connect the Urjanet utility platform with the BuildingMinds Platform using the SFTP template to get utility data from your real estate.

  • Monitor data sources for integration templates

    In the Integration tab of the Administration center, monitor the different data sources for your existing integration connections when using our integration templates. View the data sources and last submitted values.


  • View access rights for administrators
    View and manage access rights of the currently logged-in administrator user.

Q1 2022

New features

  • Upload green building certificates and energy ratings

    Upload your green building certificates and energy ratings to manage them in the BuildingMinds Platform. For more information, see Green building certificates and energy ratings

  • Smart ESG data collection with CaptureX
    Enable your team and partners to collect and capture the necessary data for your ESG reporting. Import the captured data into the BuildingMinds Platform to gain insights into your energy consumption and operational carbon emissions and further predict your real estate's stranding risks and future carbon pricing.


  • Access control via API keys

    Give access to the BuildingMinds Platform with API keys to specific platform APIs.
    For more information, see
    API authentication.

  • Improved design of the Administration center

    We improved the navigation to easier access the Authorization, Data connection, and Custom structure part of the platform's Administration center.

Q4 2021

New features

  • Connect to the Discovergy portal via API
    Connect the Discovergy portal with the BuildingMinds Platform using the API template to get data from your real-estate portfolio meters.
    For more information, see 
    Discovergy portal.

  • Connect to the LineMetrics platform via Event Hub
    Connect the LineMetrics platform with the BuildingMinds Platform using the Event Hub template to get data from your real-estate portfolio sensors and meters.
    For more information, see 
    LineMetrics platform.

  • New map provider Esri
    Introducing Esri as our new map provider in the BuildingMinds Platform with an optimized map functionality for the Chinese market.


  • Address handling
    Select an address in setting a map pin for your sites and buildings during the address selection. Rearrange the position of the map pin after setting an address without changing the address.

  • Access to search results and map
    When searching for real-estate objects, only objects the user is authorized to view are displayed in the search results. Users can only see sites and buildings for which they have access rights.

Q3 2021

New features

  • Custom structure

    Display your real-estate portfolio in your organization's structure and access the Digital twin from there. Filter dashboards under Insights according to the selected entity of the custom structure and view your sites or buildings on the map.
    For more information, see
    Custom view.

  • Retrofit roadmap

    Get an overview of your planned retrofits and view them over time. Simulate the impact of planned retrofits on carbon emission on the way to decarbonize your real-estate portfolio.

  • Display equipment in 3D and 2D models
    Display equipment in 3D and 2D models. Users can add, change, or delete the equipment's location in the model and access the equipment information on the BuildingMinds Platform.
    For more information, see
    Equipment visualization.

  • Workspace management
    Display the available workspaces in your building. Track and monitor workspace utilization within your organization for efficient workspace management.
    For more information, see
    Workspace management

  • Manage API keys

    Create, edit and delete API keys in the BuildingMinds Platform administration center to extract data from the BuildingMinds Platform in other systems via the API. Define as an administrator an expiration date and the access rights for each API key.
    For more information, see

  • Connect to the LineMetrics platform
    Connect the LineMetrics platform with the BuildingMinds Platform using a template to get data from your real-estate portfolio sensors and meters.
    For more information, see
    LineMetrics platform.

  • Simplified Chinese language support
    View the BuildingMinds Platform in Chinese. Select your preferred language in the user menu.
    For more information, see
    Select language.

Q2 2021

New features

  • Upload documents and pictures​​

    ​Upload documents and pictures to the platform to have them available in a central place. During the upload, documents and pictures are checked for malware. If malware is detected, the upload stops, and users are informed.
    ​For more information, see 

  • Access management for real-estate objects and reports
    Create roles and set permissions for users as a BuildingMinds administrator to grant access to real-estate objects and dashboards. Users can only view, add, edit, or delete objects and data if their user is assigned to their respective roles with permissions.
    For more information, see 
    Add permissions to a role.

  • Carbon pricing simulation
    View the projected carbon costs per year for portfolios, sites, and buildings of the upcoming years in the 
    Carbon pricing simulation dashboard of the Carbon emission cockpit.

  • Interactive carbon benchmarking and prediction
    View the carbon intensity for portfolios, sites, and buildings compared to the CRREM target and the long-term animated prediction in the ​
    Carbon risk analysis​ dashboard of the ​Carbon emission​​ cockpit.


  • Drop-down menu to filter in lists
    Filter lists of activities, equipment, documents, and real-estate objects by different filter categories.

  • Filter equipment by classification
    Filter equipment lists by equipment types like component, equipment, or collector and equipment classification.

  • General design improvements
    Updated tab design of the BuildingMinds Platform. The sidebar navigation was replaced by a consistent tab design.

  • Access equipment directly​
    Access equipment directly using the specific URL for that equipment. Save bookmarks of equipment or link directly to the equipment item.