Default roles

When the BuildingMinds Platform is set up for your organization, a couple of default roles are automatically created. The following default roles to which users may be assigned are described below:



admin - major role

This role allows the user to access the Administration center and to carry out the following tasks:

User management and authorization

- Add, edit and delete roles. Default roles are excluded from editing. Those cannot be added, edited, or deleted.

- Add, view, edit, and delete permissions from a role.

- Add and delete users from the BuildingMinds Platform. Assign and remove roles from users.

Manage API keys

- Add, view, and delete API keys and connect or disconnect related APIs.

Manage custom structures

- Define custom structure types

- Create the custom structure for your organization and make it available in the BuildingMinds Platform.

Manage integrations

- Use our templates to set up connections with our IoT provider partners.


This role allows users to create sites in the BuildingMinds Platform. When creating a site, the user does not automatically get the right to edit or delete the added site. Before users can edit a site, a user with the admin - major role assigned to them needs to set permission for the newly added site.


This role is for a discontinued feature and will be removed soon.

Global View Role

This role allows users to read real-estate objects as soon as the object is added to the BuildingMinds Platform. In case a new real-estate object is added, and a user is assigned to this role, the user will be able to view the object.

For more information, see Real-estate objects.


Users cannot remove themselves from the administrator role. Users cannot delete default roles in the Administration center.