In the Digital twin, 2D plans and 3D BIM models are displayed in the Visualization tab, uploaded beforehand to the BuildingMinds Platform. The 2D and 3D models visualize the structure of the building with its architectural features and dimensions.

The model is colored according to available sensor and meter data. You can select in the right-hand menu the following parameters:

  • · Space utilization

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • CO2 concentration

  • Illuminance

  • Sound level

  • Electricity consumption

Please get in touch with your Platform administrator if existing 2D or 3D models are not displayed. If a 2D plan or 3D BIM model is not uploaded to the platform yet and you want to add one, please contact our Customer Support team under My Support in the Support Portal or [email protected]


In this section, we only describe standard dashboards. Those customized to your organization's specific requirements are not described here.

Filter possibilities and the level of detail under Sustainability or Asset management highly depend on the data available.