We use API keys to authenticate access to BuildingMinds API. Before you or a developer can access the APIs, create an API key in the Administration center of the BuildingMinds Platform or ask your organization's BuildingMinds administrator to create one for you. For every request sent to the BuildingMinds API, a JTW token based on the API key information is necessary.

JTW token expire after some time. Applications connected to the BuildingMinds Platform via the API need to request a new token every 30 minutes.

Each API key has an expiration date. After that, the API key gets the status Expired and cannot be used anymore to access the API. You can set the expiration date to a maximum of two years. You can select one day as a minimum period for the expiration date. All keys that are not expired yet have the status Active in the API key list of the Administration center.


You need administrator access to the BuildingMinds Platform to create an API key. If you do not have administrator access, please reach out to the BuildingMinds administrator in your organization.


  1. Create API key. Create API key

  2. Link APIs to the API key. Link APIs to your API key

  3. Create a JTW token. Create token