Lease contract list

Get an overview of all lease contracts in your portfolio in a list. Filter the list using the Controls and Filter section of the right-side panel to view a certain data set or use the sort feature on the right top of the list. Access the dashboard under Asset management, Lease management, and Lease contract list.

Detailed view of all contracts

This section displays a list of all lease contracts, including financial and non-financial data. From a non-financial perspective, the displayed data contains the contract code, building name, remaining lease months, and rentable area. From a financial perspective, the displayed data contain yearly basic rent and yearly other costs, and with those two summed up, you can reckon the value of total rent costs. Select a contract from the list and click on Go to Details to get the following information about the contract.




View the location information of the building to which the contract is connected.

- Continent
- Country
- Region
- City
- Address


View the following KPIs of the contract.

- Yearly rent of the contract
- Number of employees using the building
- Number of workspaces in the building
- Remaining lease months of the contract
- Monthly cost per employee

Calculation: Monthly rent of the contract divided by the number of employees.

- Monthly cost per workspace

Calculation: Monthly rent of the contract divided by the number of workspaces.

Past events

View the following past lease events in a list.

- Contract start
- Contract end
- Notice period

Upcoming events

View the following upcoming lease events in a list. Upcoming events more than 90 days away are displayed in green. Events between 30 and 90 days away are displayed in yellow, and events less than 30 days away from today are marked in red.

- Contract start
- Contract end
- Notice period

Notice period

Get information on the notice period and the notice date for the contract.

Controls and filters



Lease type

Select if you want to view KPIs and data for Lease-in or Lease-out.

Rent type

Select if you want to view your cost KPIs based on the Basic rent or Additional rent (total rental costs).



Building type

Filter the KPIs by building types to get information and decide on specific scenarios, e.g. just view data for Offices in the portfolio.

Active contracts

Select between the following options.

-Yes: Display all active contract where the contract end was not reached yet.

- No: Display all inactive contracts where the contract end already passed.

- Select all: Display all contracts of the data set.