Utility Monitoring Report: A Comprehensive Guide

Utility Monitoring image

This tool offers valuable insights into your utility consumption, allowing you to identify opportunities for improvement and to optimize the consumption across your buildings. Here's what you can do with the Utility Monitoring Report:


The Utility Monitoring feature needs to be purchased separately should you choose to use it.

1. Consolidated Portfolio View

Gain a holistic understanding of utility consumption across your entire portfolio and down to individual buildings. This consolidated view provides a broad perspective, enabling you to identify general trends and outliers.

2. Evolution Analysis

Track the evolution of utility consumption over time. Identify trends and inconsistencies to make informed decisions about your utility management strategies.

3. Building Comparison

Efficiently compare utility consumption across different buildings within your portfolio. Easily identify outliers and areas for improvement to optimize utility usage across your properties.

4. Detailed Building Analysis

Dive deep into the utility consumption of specific assets by accessing detailed building-level data. This feature empowers you to pinpoint areas of high consumption and implement targeted measures for efficiency improvement.