Workspace management in the 3D view

Before you can start working with the 3D view of the workspace management, you need to provide a 3D BIM model to us or let us take care of creating a 3D BIM model for you as part of our Professional Services. For more information, get in touch with us at [email protected].

If no 3D model is uploaded, the alternative list view is displayed. For more information, see Workspace management in the list view.

Users can do the following in the 3D view:

Access workspace management


Workspace management is only available on floor level. To view the Workspace management tab, select a floor in a building first.

  1. Select a floor in your building via the custom or the geographic view. For more information, see Access your real-estate objects.

  2. Select the Asset management tab.

  3. Select the tab Workspace management.

    If a 3D BIM model is uploaded to the selected building, the 3D view of the workspace management opens. If no 3D model is available, the list view opens.

Select viewing mode for 3D view workspace management

In Asset management, under the tab Workspace management, you can select different Views on your uploaded model by clicking on BM_Icons__views. You can choose between the following modes.

Viewing mode



View the floor plan and 3D model in a horizontal split view.


View the floor plan and 3D model in a vertical split view.


Display the floor plan on the main screen and the 3D model in a separate smaller window.

2D view

Only view the floor plan.

3D view

Only view the 3D model.