Add permissions to a role

If you already have the Administration center open, you can follow the steps. Otherwise, open the Administration center. For more information, see Open administration center.

  1. Select the menu Authorization.

  2. Select the menu Roles.

  3. To set permissions, select the role from the list.

    A list opens with the already associated permissions. If no permissions are set for this role, the list is empty.

  4. Select Edit permissions.

    You have the geographic view of the left-side menu available under Digital twin to find your sites. In case a Custom view is defined for your organization, you can set permission for each available custom structure node under Global.

    Dashboards that are part of your tenant are located under
    Dashboards. Under Data, you see a list of permissions associated with the selected role.

  5. Select a real-estate object under Digital twin or dashboard under Insights from the left-side menu for which you want to set privileges.

    Select a real-estate object under Digital twin, custom structure node under Global or dashboard under Dashboards from the left-side menu where you want to set privileges.


    At the moment, only sites can be selected from real-estate objects.

    Navigate to the real-estate object level, starting at the continent, and down to the country, region, and city. A list with privilege sets for the selected real-estate object or dashboard opens.

  6. Select the Permission level for the selected real-estate object.

  7. Confirm the changes with Save or Save and close. Save saves the changes and leaves the dialogue open. Save and close saves the changes and closes the dialogue. To cancel, select Close. The changes are not saved when selecting Close.