Data plausibility checks in area measurement

Ensuring accurate area measurement data is crucial for various sustainability and asset management calculations. However, the quality of data available may vary, potentially impacting the accuracy of analytics. In order to maintain high-quality asset management data, our platform employs mechanisms to identify and flag implausible or low-quality data. This enables users to rectify inaccuracies and improve the overall reliability of the data used for decision-making.

The column conflict of of each building's area measurement table highlights problematic areas, in case applicable.

To ensure data validity, the platform conducts the following verification:

  1. Validity of time frame

    • Ensures that for each Digital Twin entity, area measurements of the same type do not have overlapping time validity periods.

  2. Consistency of area types and area size

    • Verifies that within an area measurement set:

      • the Gross floor area is greater than the Gross internal area,

      • which is greater than the Net room area,

      • which is greater than the Rentable area,

      • which is greater than the Energy reference area.

Screenshot: Column conflicts flags problematic data sets and states the respective reason when hovering with the mouse over the conflict icon.

Area measurement conflicts tab