Digital twin overview:

BuildingMinds' Digital Twin stands as the primary hub for real estate and building life cycle data, offering convenient access to building information, documents and activities.

The new design, as newly introduced in Q1 2024, is your one-stop destination for all building related information. Here's a breakdown of what's available.

Digital Twin Proxima

Essential features:

  • Access information such as building name, building address, and energy rating certificates and comprehensive area measurements.

  • The Digital Twin page provides effortless access to vital information such as available parking spaces, electric vehicle charging stations, number of floors, expected life end date of the building, construction year, as well as additional factors like energy rating and primary heating and electricity sources. All key building details are conveniently accessible in one location.

  • Simply zoom in on the world map to easily locate your buildings across the globe.

  • Explore additional insights like property type, ownership details, refurbishment date, life expectancy, exact address, construction date, and the availability of charging stations throughout the building.

  • Area Measurements offer an extensive breakdown of area types, measurement accuracy, standards utilized for measurement, validity, and other pertinent details.

Stay Tuned for More:
As we continue to enhance your experience, anticipate upcoming updates and features. The Digital Twin page is evolving to provide you with even more comprehensive and user-friendly tools for managing your building-related information.