Area Measurements in the BuildingMinds Platform

Area measurements are crucial for sustainability calculations and other performance KPIs of your portfolio.
Area types typically used for sustainability calculations are Gross floor area, Net room area, Gross internal area, Rentable area and Energy reference area. Those are the "main measurements".
Other types of measurements can also be documented to have the detailed picture of your buildings, such as office area, technical area, Storage area etc.
The respective values are added during onboarding of a Real Estate portfolio to the BuildingMinds Platform but can also be added at a later point.

To know more about the area types supported by BuildingMinds see : Area types supported by BuildingMinds

Area Measurements on our Digital Twin Page offer a breakdown of area types, measurement accuracy, standards utilized for measurement, validity, and further details.

The platform supports multiple area measurement standards for consistency and compatibility:



DIN 277-1

German standard for floor areas and room volumes in building construction.


Guideline by gif e.V. for determining commercial real estate areas.


Global standard developed by a coalition for property measurement.


Property measurement standard by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


Standard for measuring buildings by the Building Owners and Managers Association.


Use "NA" for organization-specific or adopted standards.

Users can add and manage area measurements at various levels like sites, buildings, floors, spaces, and rental units.