Area measurements

Area measurements are crucial for Sustainability dashboard calculations in the BuildingMinds Platform. Types like Gross floor area, Gross internal area, and Rentable area influence these metrics. These values are added during onboarding and easily managed for new or modified buildings within the platform, applicable to various spaces and rental units.

For more information on types, see Area measurement types.

During onboarding, area measurements are usually added to the BuildingMinds Platform. Any changes and values for newly added buildings can easily be managed in the BuildingMinds Platform. You can add area measurements to sites, buildings, floors, spaces and lands. It is also possible to add area measurements for specific rental units.

We currently support the following area measurement standards:



DIN 277-1

German standard for measuring floor areas and room volumes in building construction to ensure uniformity across structures.


Guideline to determine commercial real-estate areas developed by gif e.V. a German association for the real-estate sector.


The International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) is a global standard for property measurement developed by a coalition of 90 professional and not-for-profit organizations worldwide.


RICS a globally recognized professional body that developed a property measurement standard for real estate among other standards.


The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a federation of U.S. local associations and global affiliates that developed a standard for measuring buildings.


Use "NA" for "not applicable" when entering measurement values if you've developed your own organization's area measurements standard or adopted an existing one for your use cases.

After selecting a building, you can find the area measurements for your buildings under the tab Digital twin and Area measurements.