This is what you can expect from our newly designed platform

Our redesigned platform features a dashboard approach instead of a one-dimensional view. Reports will be displayed dynamically and provide a cutting-edge user experience with a contemporary interface, ensuring seamless interaction for users in terms of data management, and customization of dashboards, empowering collaborative efforts and facilitating efficient workflows. This fresh update aims to pursue the following advantages.


Switching from our current content organization to a modular approach, paving the way for transitioning into a scalable platform.


Transitioning from a static structure to a dynamic one, we are introducing a new dashboard concept that facilitates customizable content and flexible module choices.

Data traceability

Updated data infrastructure with a focus on traceability for calculations, making it easier to maintain as well as making it more reliable.

Focus on dashboards

Pursuing a dynamic dashboard view allows focusing on what matters most. Now customized content can be based on user roles, favorite views and filters can be saved allowing to easily switch context.